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Farewell America, I’m off to Greenland!

Aerial view of Store Glacier - Lawrence Hislop

Preparing for a field season takes a lot of hard work and this trip to Greenland is no exception. The last few weeks have gone by in a whirlwind of packing equipment, purchasing gear, developing our experiment designs and goals, and wrapping up projects here before leaving. With that said, I still couldn’t be much more excited to finally set foot on my first ice sheet! After spending this morning packing up the last items on my list, I’m happy to say I’ve somehow managed to fit everything in two duffel bags and a backpack.

Bet you wouldn’t have guessed that there is are multiple radar receivers in there as well as a bunch of other field equipment… TSA will be in for a surprise. (I will say it took me about 10 tries before I managed to fit everything so hopefully security doesn’t unpack too much!)

Here’s my travel plans and what you can expect:

Today (July 4th): I leave the US bound for Copenhagen

July 7th: I meet up with a field collaborator and fly from Copenhagen to Illulissat, Greenland.

July 9th: I take a helicopter to the field site on Store Glacier.

……Field work and no internet access… so sadly no blogs during this period 🙁  .…..

July 28th: Return from Greenland and re-enter the modern world of internet!

Why you should keep following despite no internet at the field site: 

a. Expect more blogs up until I take the helicopter to the field site (on July 9th).

b. I will keep notes and take lots of pictures while I am in the field, so upon returning I will have lots of posts!… so please check back in after July 28th.

Ok, I’m off to the airport. I’m hoping to catch a few fireworks from the plane which would greatly improve the fact that I have a red eye flight on the 4th of July.

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