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A Trip North

Mark your calendars, July 10th, 2019 will be my first time stepping foot on an ice sheet! (Of course the exact day may vary depending on the optimal weather window). I will be going to the Greenland Ice sheet where I will spend a month camped out on Store Glacier doing fieldwork testing some of our radar experiments and designs. While I’m out there collecting data, this will also be your chance to experience research life on an ice sheet vicariously through me so get excited for lots of Greenland blogs and stories to come.

Store Glacier (credit: Aberystwyth University)

The field team will consist of myself and some of my research group members here at Stanford as well as our collaborators from the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge. We will be working to characterize the glacier’s englacial and basal structure and hydrological processes using radar echo sounding techniques. We’ll also be using this opportunity to test our radar experimental designs.

Store Glacier Terminus - Credit: Sam Doyle
Crevasses on Store Glacier - Credit: Sam Doyle

We’ll be helicoptered out from the small village of Uummannaq (see map above) and spend the time split between two field sites on store glacier (both well upstream of the terminus — the part where the glacier flows into the ocean). We’ll be camping in tents directly on the ice the entire time and all of our food will be shipped out with us and will have to preserve well.

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